Councils • Minutes

Council Schedules: Pastoral Council and Finance Council Schedules 2017-2018


The purpose of the St. Alexius, Our Lady of the Angels, and St. Paul’s Pastoral Council is threefold:

1. To be the primary body of the faithful for the pastor to consult for pastoral direction within the cluster of the three parishes.

2. To study, pray, listen, and act upon the inspirations of the Holy Spirit as a way to further the mission of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church in each parish and in the cluster.

3. To work together for the greatest pastoral good of each parish and of the cluster. There are elections each spring for open positions to this council. Each term is 3 years.

Contact: Lisa Lahr,




  8:00pmSt. Paul's
Sunday  8:00amSt. Paul's
  8:30amSt. Alexius
10:00amSt. Paul's

Monday  7:00amOLA
Tuesday  8:15amSt. Paul's
10:00amAssisted Living
Wednesday  7:00amSt. Paul's
  8:15amSt. Alexius
  5:15pmSt. Paul's-Lent
Thursday  8:15amSt. Paul's
10:00amNursing Home
Friday  7:00amOLA


Thursday  4:00pmSt. Paul's
Saturday  3:00pmSt. Paul's
Sunday  8:00amSt. Alexius
1st Friday  7:45amOLA
1st Saturday  8:00amOLA