Our Lady of the Angels



For the English speaking Catholics of Sauk Centre, a church was organized about 1883 and served by the clergyman stationed at St. Paul’s Church. Rev. William Lange was the first pastor. In 1886 the pastor was Rev. F. O’Reilly, who in 1888 was followed by Rev. D. J. Cogan, who died as pastor January 16, 1889. Both these reverend gentlemen were resident at the church. For the next six years the pastors of St. Paul’s were in charge.

The church is located at the corner of Ash and Seventh streets. It was renovated in 1891.


Mary’s Garden

In 2009, the parish created Mary’s Garden—a quiet place of prayer and beauty, dedicated to Our Lady. Tucked humbly between the church and the rectory, it is lovingly kept up by parishioners who tend the flowers, the statues and the garden structures.